“Wash your hand off the greedy virus.” yelled Ibrahim. Then we slowly walked the muddy patch which was surrounded by the bushes. Interestingly, there were some wild animals such as jackals, wild boars and coyotes to name a few. Those wild animals were living like a family but they were not blaming one another for the mere entrance of human beings in their territory instead they united in one place for their safety and protection. The track was meant for hiking purposes, in fact, there was a spot for barbeque too. While we reached the top of the mount, Ahmed started writing down his newly invented algorithm with a piece of coal placed near the fireplace. But I wanted to lie down on that place and I was wearing white clothes. I wanted to avoid the black blots of coal, so I could not take a nap. Before leaving that place they successfully removed the marks while rubbing it with a brick, but it left the yellowish chalk of the brick. The effects of our daily life actions are visible. Our voices were echoing in that strange and weird labyrinth.

Those voices were simple and clear. They were about the greedy virus that has enveloped the whole globe in its bloody tentacles, injecting pain and inflicting death slowly and gradually, swallowing the happiness of innocent children, weak men and women. Those were the questions for the suited leaders of the world with pathetic sticks and delusional carrots, why the vaccines are not equally distributed around the globe, why the global financial system has been collapsed due to this viral outbreak? More importantly, why the arrival of the virus has been mixed with the racial discrimination? It was a journey of questions with bitter answers.

After a few minutes, we started moving downhill eating some tangerine and drinking water. While returning home, I took both of my nephews to their favorite shop, where they bought their favorite cookies and candies. We were walking and cracking jokes. Once again, Ibrahim yelled, “Wash off the hands of the greedy virus before.”